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How We Work

Based on the concept of professionalism, creativity, innovation, dedication, quality, and service, we work as follows:

• You can request an estimate filling out the online form.
• We receive the request, contact you by phone or email, and arrange an appointment with you.
• We measure and evaluate the basement.
• We proceed to send out a quote including standard products and client’s needs.
• Once you approve the quote, we process the City of Calgary permits.
• Framing, electricity, and plumbing are the first work.
• After, the City of Calgary Inspectors visit and evaluate the basement development. If the work needs some modifications or fixings, SBS Basement will take care every detail to follow the building Bylaws.
• Once, the Inspectors approve the basement development, we will proceed to install drywall, work on ceiling textures, and taping.
• We paint and install doors, floors, baseboards.
• Finishing the bathroom and tile installation.
• Last touches and…the work is done!

Delivery Time of a Basemen Project

SBS Basement is able to finish a standard basement between 6 to 8 weeks from the client approves the project. We promise 6 to 8 weeks if we use standard materials that are in Calgary stores and whorehouses. We can’t make sure this time If the client requests special orders and material out of the city.

Delivery time is based on one bathroom, one entertainment room, and one bedroom. If the client requests extra rooms or additions to the original basement development that would take more time.

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